Monday, 2 November 2015

Topic 1: Reflection

Thank you Sheryl and Venezia for your detailed comments! :)

I am definitely a digital visitor because i share minimal information and only visit the website when i have something to do. I have accounts on twitter, facebook, and blogger but i do not use them often. I logon to twitter once in while to get updates on the news and also my friends' lives. As for facebook and blogger, i have never posted any updates about my personal stuff. I am a fan of online shopping but i will only visit the website as and when i need something or when there is a promotion. After the shopping process, i do not feel the need to leave any feedbacks. If satisfied, i might return to purchase more items; and spread positive word of mouth to my social circle directly, but not online. 

I agree the need maintain a certain level of online identity, especially for professional usage like LinkedIn. Many companies use LinkedIn to recruit suitable candidates so it is a good socializing tool for the working adults. 

As a digital native, i am more comfortable with online shopping as i do not have to travel to the physical store to get my items. I do understand that socializing and hanging out with your peers are important. However, i cannot do it frequently due to time constraint, so the alternative would be to shop online. With online shopping, i can browse the list of items more efficiently. Since i school and work part time , i only can shop in the night. Online stores operate 24hours. 

After reading other blog posts, i realised we all could fall in the same category, such as, digital visitor, or resident, we are different and each have unique stands. 

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