Friday, 6 November 2015

Topic 3: Reflection

Realised I missed out a lot of points after reading the blog posts by my classmates...

In my post, I only focused mostly on what to include in the online profile but missed out on how to make it attractive. I came across Jasmine's blog post and the video on "How to keep your social media attractive to employers", it stated that one way is to be strategic with whom you allow in your network. I can use social media to make connections and interact with professionals. Depending on career goal or path, there are many ways to use social media strategically! For example, if i want a promotion, I could interact more with the higher management. 

On the other hand, make connections with professionals to discuss and talk to them about their expert field and gain knowledge about it, and decide if I want a career change. Also, mentioned on Ryan's post, we use social media about 4 hours a day which is half of our normal 8-hour office shift. Since we spend so much time on social media, it means we are good at it and we use make it to full use to increase our employability.  

I mentioned about being yourself in my post but it was not detailed enough. More thoughts came to my mind after reading several blog posts. I agree with Nicole that there will be trust if one portray his online and offline without much deviation. If the personality is very different, it could shock my employers during the face-to-face interview. Usually, it would fall below their expectations because you are not what they were looking for and whom they expected to be. It could also create an impression of being "fake" or "two-sided" even if you do not mean it. 

Furthermore, being yourself makes an individual stand out - it could be positive or negative, but it will definitely attract attention. A good example would be Xia Xue, a Singapore blogger. She voices out all her unique opinion bravely; some feels that she is honest but the rest thinks that she is being too noisy. She has also garnered attention by being one of the first Singaporean bloggers to admit undergoing plastic surgery and discussing her experience online. 

To summarize this topic having a personal brand is the best way to stand out among the others. Social media is a powerful tool for building an online professional profile. I have to manage my profile and connect with others strategically, and most importantly, my profile has to be authentic.

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