Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Topic 2: Reflection

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Venezia and Sheryl. I have learnt so much from your comments and other blog posts. 

Response to Venezia:

I am glad we both share the same thought! Yeah, even though i do not post such funny images or snippets of myself, i do not feel comfortable when I know my bosses have access to my personal account. I also agree that showing the less serious side of us may affect on our impressions towards the higher management. 

Interesting. I have never used or even thought of using pseudonyms. It is a good way of maintaining anonymity as the name is not real. However, I think we should limit on the number of pseudonyms used as I feel that it is sort of "cheating" people. The pseudonym you came up with could be the real name for someone out there and it could confuse that person's friends. Using disposable emails is one good method as well though I have never done it before. I prefer to give as little information as possible to switching between multiple email accounts at the same time. It might get confusing after some time, especially, when I forget my password for an account...

And yes, I agree that it is not easy to lower the cyber crime rate, however, we should play a part in keeping ourselves safe. Educating people about cyber safety would be a great help. In Singapore schools, the students are given talks about cyber safety annually. 

Response to Sheryl:

Thank you Sheryl. The link ( has been very useful. 

Point No.2 " Turn on cookie notices in your Web browser, and/or use cookie management software or infomediaries." has caught my attention as I never took notice of the cookies in my computer. I am aware that it can be either good or bad but I have never thought of tracking the suspicious cookies as it does not seem as harmful as spywares or malware. Furthermore, I always click on the "allow cookies" button as I want to access the page. 

Point No. 12 "Use encryption!" is also something I have not done before. Probably that is because my files does not require top security as of now. However, I might need to use encryption when in the future to keep company files and information protected. 

On the other hand, I came across Siew Woon's stand on a single identity. I agree that having a single identity allows the employers to better evaluate a person's overall as employment should not be solely based on the profile created just for professional use. The employee should be recruited for his skills, and also personality.

Overall, I realize that most of us agree on having multiple online identities and I too still prefer to have multiple online identities.

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