Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Topic 2: Managing Your Online Identity

Discuss the arguments for and against having more than one online identity.

In today's digital world, there are many social media sites that are being introduced frequently. Over the years, I created accounts in all these social media sites and thus, lead to multiple identities. 

Everyone has different sides on them on different social networking sites. The most obvious one would be the professional and social. On LinkedIn, a person sets up a formal and professional profile and the information revealed are the birth name, company that the individual is currently or had worked for, and achievements. This portrays the person's capabilities to do a job well. Many companies go on LinkedIn to source for suitable candidates for specific roles. On the other hand, social media sites portray a more laid back and fun side of the individual, apart from the potential work abilities. On sites like Facebook, thoughts, photos, and other forms of updates of a person can be seen. It shows a different personality from the studious and professional mode from the profile on LinkedIn. 

Furthermore, I feel that separating work and social is better as the person has a certain level of privacy. Sometimes, there are things that you would not want to share with your bosses. It could be the little rants over the overwhelming workload given or photos of you at the  nightclub. The individual can choose what not to and to share. 

Although I agree with having multiple online identities, some identities could be for bad purposes and have destructive impacts, such as, bullying and impersonation of individual(s).

During my high school days, I have encountered my classmates being harassed or bullied on Facebook. Some of them adds one another randomly by looking at the profile pictures which caused them to add anonymous strangers into their group of friends where they share information to. Some of these accounts are hoax and are created for bad purposes. Their profile picture, name, and all the information they share are not real as they are used to only create a positive image to their "friends" added. 
  (source: http://www.hitekpals.com/cyber-attack-social-engineering-predictions-for-2014/)

There are some that impersonates someone you know and adds you. These impersonators gather information from you - could be company information, or personal information, to hack into your company database using your information, or personal accounts. 

Thus, everyone should be careful in adding a friend on social media sites. 

Overall, I support having multiple online identities but there could be some that abuse it, so we need to be careful with strangers online as we do not know them personally. Any information from them might not be reliable. 


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  1. Hi Jamie!

    After reading your post, we share the same thoughts of having to separate personal life from our professional side.

    Personally, I resonate well with your argument to maintain multiple online identities because I can say that I’m a goofy individual who posts crazy images and snippets of myself on certain social platforms. I certainly wouldn’t want my prospective bosses to see this side of me on LinkedIn, lest they doubt my work attitudes or capabilities.

    Therefore, I adopt the method of using pseudonyms and disposable emails for my personal online identity, and I certainly hope you did so too! This is to maintain a certain level of anonymity online and only allow people that you’re comfortable with to find you by your pseudonym.

    Additionally, your point stating that multiple online personas may pose as a hazard due to impersonation and cyber bullying is valid and I understand it is on the rise, however it is inevitable due to the ease of forging online identities so easily. The only plausible solution is to offer cyber assistance and education to victims, advising them to avoid and ignore malicious comments. Do you agree?

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